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Your business strategy sets priorities for your company and helps  attract and retain the talented workers you need. Let us help you plan and form an exceptional strategy for your business. 

April 19-21, 2021
12 Noon -3pm est.

What is 'The Business Strategy  Frame Workshop?'
Learn lean business planning
Learn how a lean business plan can help business owners and aspiring startup, manage strategy, tactics, execution, and essential business numbers. A lean business plan steers the company toward its goals, and also to tracking and managing progress, expectations, and accountability.

Plan-as-you-go planning that’s simple
Providing adequate guidance for every situation and every stage of business, business owners are trained to ignore the traditional, formal cookie-cutter plans that other business planning resources offer and to focus on tailoring a plan to their company; allowing them to literally plan as they go and to, ultimately, steer their business ahead while saving time.

Streamline Your Business 
Learn how to create a workflow for your business to then create an automation sysytem within different areas in your business so that you can focus on growing your business in new areas. 

Regular review and revisions
Know that your Business Strategys  need to be reviewed and possibily revised when there are areas in your business that are not growing the way you want them to grow. Learning how to view and revise monthly for your business. 

April 19-21, 2021
12 Noon -3pm est.

Once defined, your business strategy sets priorities for the company and management team and helps you attract and retain the talented workers you need.

Although individuals in your company may focus on different priorities to accomplish specific tasks, these priorities should not conflict with the overall strategic direction of the company.

Your business strategy is defined by writing the compnay goals and how they will be acheived. Meet the expectations of its customers and sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Your business strategy should answer these questions:
  • Whats your vision?
  • Whats your compnay mission?
  • Why is the company in business?
  • ​What is our core strength?
  • ​Which customers should we continue to serve or start serving?
  • ​Which products/services should we stop offering, continue to offer or start offering?
  • ​Why have we decided on these strategic directions?
  • ​Whats my marketing plan?
  • ​What do your financials look like? 
I will help you answer these questions to help you establish your strategic priorities. After all, you can’t be all things to all customers — nor should you be!

You don’t have to be the market leader to successfully compete, but you do need to focus on your company’s strengths to differentiate your business from the competition and help customers understand the value you offer, including features and benefits.

What's Included in the Workshop?
Pre-Work and Workbook
Fundamentals and Tools
Completed Business Strategy Frame
Pre-Work and Workbook
  • ​Pre-Work to help you prepare for the workshop
  • ​Workbook that will guide you step by step throughout the workshop
Fundamentals and Tools
  • Sharing tools and systems that will work best with your business
  • ​Using strategies that work to help your business grow
Completed Business Strategy Frame
  • Walk away with a complete business plan
  • ​Know what your year will look like and what goals you will be working on a daily basis to reach your year end goal.
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Your Questions Answered...
Why do I need a strategy for my business? 

3 reasons!
1. It will help you steer your business as you start and grow.
2. It will help you to reach business milestones.
3. It can help you get funding

How often do I review and revise my strategy?

I always recommend my clients to review their startegy every month. Look at what is selling and not selling. What needs to be changed, rewramped and revised to ensure you are reaching your revenue goal. 
Why $997?

If you're thinking "why $997... so cheap compared to others?" Then here are three reasons that should put your mind at rest!

1. $997 is for 3 days worth of planning, strategizing, implementing and coaching for your business. 

2. It includes the pre-work and workbook package that is created for you to really get your plan done. 

3.You get to finalize your mission/vision statements, to marketing plan, operations plan and financial plans to product validating. 

4. I tested it, clients have had major revenue success and $997 just works the best :-)

I also KNOW that once you do the workshop and see how much of a massive impact it can have on your business, you will be loving the strategy and have a clearer vision of your business. 


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